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This program assists eligible families with bill payment assistance for energy crisis. To be eligible for this benefit program you must show a need for financial assistance-delinquent bill or shut off notice or proof of eviction notice. Priority is given to Seniors and parents with children. To be scheduled for an appointment for assistance or if you have any questions, you must call 219-238-6928 or email Leave your name and best contact number and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Please be advised everyone that applies for assistance may not be approved or receive total funding for the amount requested. Also, this is a separate, granted-funded program outside of the normal business function of the Greater First Baptist Church. As a result, the set policy and procedure must be followed to be considered for program assistance.

To be considered for program assistance:

  1. You must be a Lake County Indiana resident.

  2. You must submit a copy of your most recent bill utility bill/disconnection or eviction notice and landlord/leasing office information.

  3. You must be applying for assistance for YOUR residence in which the bill states.

  4. You must submit a list of household residents with birthdates and birth certificates, passport, naturalization paper/certificate of citizenship, permanent VISA, INS ID Card for proof of US Residency.

Mask Are Required when arriving at the appointment.

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